Apple Cider

Apple Cider is a specialty at Perry Lowe Orchards.

You won’t find any cider like it anywhere around. We do our own processing and let the apples lead us in developing the taste.

Fresh Cider

In the fall and winter, we make FRESH pasteurized apple cider from our Pink Lady® , Honeycrisp and Mixed apples. Drinking our fresh cider is like drinking an apple. The fresh cider has to be refrigerated and keeps around 30 days.

Our fresh cider is available in the fall. Check available dates.

Glass Cider

Our Glass Apple Cider is available in Pink Lady® , Honeycrisp, Mixed, Golden Delicious, Stayman, Suncrisp, and Goldrush. The Glass Cider will keep indefinitely until the seal is broken. After the seal is broken, the cider needs to be refrigerated and will keep for 30 days.

Our cider in glass is available year round.